Working Papers

Non-Standard Errors, 2021, with Albert J. Menkveld, Anna Dreber, Felix Holzmeister, and others.

Full list of co-authors Menkveld, Albert J. and Dreber, Anna and Holzmeister, Felix and Huber, Juergen and Johanneson, Magnus and Kirchler, Michael and Razen, Michael and Weitzel, Utz and Abad, David and Abudy, Menachem (Meni) and Adrian, Tobias and Ait-Sahalia, Yacine and Akmansoy, Olivier and Alcock, Jamie and Alexeev, Vitali and Aloosh, Arash and Amato, Livia and Amaya, Diego and Angel, James J. and Bach, Amadeus and Baidoo, Edwin and Bakalli, Gaetan and Barbon, Andrea and Bashchenko, Oksana and Bindra, Parampreet Christopher and Bjonnes, Geir Hoidal and Black, Jeffrey R. and Black, Bernard S. and Bohorquez, Santiago and Bondarenko, Oleg and Bos, Charles S. and Bosch-Rosa, Ciril and Bouri, Elie and Brownlees, Christian T. and Calamia, Anna and Cao, Viet Nga and Capelle-Blancard, Gunther and Capera, Laura and Caporin, Massimiliano and Carrion, Allen and Caskurlu, Tolga and Chakrabarty, Bidisha and Chernov, Mikhail and Cheung, William Ming Yan and Chincarini, Ludwig B. and Chordia, Tarun and Chow, Sheung Chi and Clapham, Benjamin and Colliard, Jean-Edouard and Comerton-Forde, Carole and Curran, Edward and Dao, Thong and Dare, Wale and Davies, Ryan J. and De Blasis, Riccardo and De Nard, Gianluca and Declerck, Fany and Deev, Oleg and Degryse, Hans and Deku, Solomon and Desagre, Christophe and Van Dijk, Mathijs A. and Dim, Chukwuma and Dimpfl, Thomas and Dong, Yun Jiang and Drummond, Philip and Dudda, Tom and Dumitrescu, Ariadna and Dyakov, Teodor and Dyhrberg, Anne Haubo and Dzieliński, Michał and Eksi, Asli and El Kalak, Izidin and ter Ellen, Saskia and Eugster, Nicolas and Evans, Martin D.D. and Farrell, Michael and Félez-Viñas, Ester and Ferrara, Gerardo and FERROUHI, El Mehdi and Flori, Andrea and Fluharty-Jaidee, Jonathan and Foley, Sean and Fong, Kingsley Y. 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Joakim and Westheide, Christian and Wipplinger, Evert and Wolf, Michael and Wolff, Christian C. P. and Wolk, Leonard and Wong, Wing Keung and Wrampelmeyer, Jan and Xia, Shuo and Xiu, Dacheng and Xu, Ke and Xu, Caihong and Yadav, Pradeep K. and Yagüe, José and Yan, Cheng and Yang, Antti and Yoo, Woongsun and Yu, Wenjia and Yu, Shihao and Yueshen, Bart Zhou and Yuferova, Darya and Zamojski, Marcin and Zareei, Abalfazl and Zeisberger, Stefan and Zhang, Sarah and Zhang, Xiaoyu and Zhong, Zhuo and Zhou, Z. Ivy and Zhou, Chen and Zhu, Xingyu and Zoican, Marius and Zwinkels, Remco C.J. and Chen, Jian and Duevski, Teodor and Gao, Ge and Gemayel, Roland and Gilder, Dudley and Kuhle, Paul and Pagnotta, Emiliano and Pelli, Michele and Sönksen, Jantje and Zhang, Lu and Ilczuk, Konrad and Bogoev, Dimitar and Qian, Ya and Wika, Hans C. and Yu, Yihe and Zhao, Lu and Mi, Michael and Bao, Li and Vaduva, Andreea and Prokopczuk, Marcel and Avetikian, Alejandro and Wu, Zhen-Xing.


Abstract In statistics, samples are drawn from a population in a data-generating process (DGP). Standard errors measure the uncertainty in sample estimates of population parameters. In science, evidence is generated to test hypotheses in an evidence-generating process (EGP). We claim that EGP variation across researchers adds uncertainty: non-standard errors. To study them, we let 164 teams test six hypotheses on the same sample. We find that non-standard errors are sizeable, on par with standard errors. Their size (i) co-varies only weakly with team merits, reproducibility, or peer rating, (ii) declines significantly after peer-feedback, and (iii) is underestimated by participants.


Dark Pools and Price Discovery in Limit Order Markets, 2021.

Abstract: This paper examines how the introduction of a dark pool impacts price discovery, market quality, and aggregate welfare of traders. I use a four-period model where rational and risk-neutral agents choose the order type and the venue and obtain the equilibrium numerically. The comparative statics on the order submission probability suggests a U-shaped order migration to the dark pool. The overall effect of dark trading on market quality and aggregate welfare was found to be positive but limited in size and depended on market conditions. I find mixed results for the process of price discovery. Depending on the immediacy need of traders, price discovery may change due to the presence of the dark venue.


Dark Trading and Financial Markets Stability, 2020, with Jorge Gonçalves, and Roman Kräussl.

Abstract: This paper examines how the implementation of a new dark order - Midpoint Extended Life Order (M-ELO) on NASDAQ - impacts financial markets stability in terms of occurrences of mini-flash crashes in individual securities. We use high-frequency order book data and apply panel regression analysis to estimate the effect of dark order trading activity on market stability and liquidity provision. The results suggest a predominance of a speed bump effect of M-ELO rather than a darkness effect. We find that the introduction of M-ELO increases market stability by reducing the average number of mini-flash crashes, but its impact on market quality is mixed.