I am proud to share, that I have participaped in the #fincap project coordinated by Albert J. Menkveld, Anna Dreber, Felix Hozmeister, Juergen Huber, Magnus Johannesson, Michael Kirchler, Michael Razen and Utz Weitzel in collaboration with the Deutsche Börse AG.

The project resulted in a first crowd-sourced empirical paper in Economics and Finance that looks into an Evidence-Generating Process (EGP). EGP consists of defining (i) a model, (ii) a method, and (iii) an execution mechanism required to test a hypotesis. It can be roughly described as “the way of tackling a research question”, that may differ from one research team to another.

The paper finds that the additional uncertainty due to the variation in the EGP is not negligible and

  • Only weakly covaries with the research team “quality”,
  • Declines significantly after peer-feedback,
  • Underestimated by the researchers.

Feel free to check out the [working paper] as well as the presentaion [slides].

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